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Dedicated to Saving Lives

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and do not receive any state nor federal funding, so we operate solely on donations. Donations to Coastal Cat Rescue are tax deductible and donation receipts can be provided upon request. Your generous contribution helps us pay for medical supplies, veterinary care, food, litter, and other supplies. As an all-volunteer, foster-based rescue, we are not paid any salaries, so every dollar goes directly to the cats and kittens in our care.  

How to support us


Donate Money

Many kittens and cats are critically ill and/or injured when they come to us and require round-the-clock medical care and bottle-feeding, or emergency veterinary care. Monetary donations can help us afford surprise medical bills and expensive medication.

To mail a donation, please send to Coastal Cat Rescue, PO Box 741, Hingham, MA.

Donate Supplies

We go through food and litter very quickly. Help us continue keeping our cats and kittens fed and happy. You can also help keep our cats comfy and clean by donating supplies like Advantage II flea & tick prevention,  and probiotics.

Sponsor a Cat 

& Other Forms of giving

If you cannot commit to adopting a cat, consider sponsoring all of part of the adoption fee of one of our harder-to-adopt cats. This includes cats that are shy or have chronic medical issues that cause them to be overlooked by adopters. As a non-profit rescue, we rely on the adoption fees to cover our medical bills and cannot afford to waive fees for harder-to-adopt cats. However this has proven to improve a cat's chance at getting adopted.

Please email us for all other donation inquiries.

the impact of your giving


Covers a case of cat food.


Covers the cost of a veterinary exam.


Covers X-rays for a cat.


Sponsors the adoption fee for an adult cat.


Sponsors the adoption fee for a kitten.

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